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  • 53885
    05-24 12:05 PM
    I sent emails to 10 more senators.

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  • hopefulgc
    10-09 10:57 AM
    no offense .. but what kind of crack are we all on?
    what ever happened to queuing theory?
    Visa number assignment is a classical queuing case that can be solved even by a newborn who fires a projectile pee without warning.

    and yes as long as we are all stating what we want..
    I want three parle-g biscuits with garma garam chai.

    It would be more effective if not effecient. You need not wait until the year end to issue visas, visas can be issued using a mathematical model which would allow old PD filers to get a visa ahead of others as soon as his case comes in and other criterias are fullfilled. Basically no one needs to wait for filing I485. People with old PD will get visa numbers first as soon as they enter the application.

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  • gcpool
    10-03 06:01 AM
    My status on CRIS has changed. No emails. Its says my approval has been sent. But nothing about the card. I spoke to the CS and they said my biometrics have to be uploaded. In the mean time can I get my passport stamped?

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  • vkrishn
    08-25 04:48 PM
    I got a response from Tier2 officer that there are no Visa numbers available. She was pretty pissed that there hell a lot of indians calling and was close to making it racial. She read from a report that DOS sent to USCIS (page 31 is what she quoted) where she said there are no Visa numbers available. I am assuming its for this month.


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  • gclongwaytogo
    10-12 03:29 PM
    Called just now and the agent gave me the receipt numbers for 485 and EAD. No details about AP.
    Sent to NSC on july 2nd. Received by them on 3rd.
    Had LUD on approved I140. (Transferred to TSC)
    RNs start with LIN!!!

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  • ak_manu
    06-09 11:40 AM

    I filed for my I-140 last month and got a reciept notice. Based on the processing times it looks like it might take atleast 6 months for my I-140 to get approved. My priority date is 07/2004 EB3. In case EB3 dates move this month and my PD becomes current, Can I still file for my I-485 this month even if my I-140 is not approved yet?

    I cannot file for I-140 premium processing as I have filed for I-140 with a substituted labor.

    I appreciate all of your comments.



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  • EndlessWait
    07-20 12:23 PM
    making our first campaign(revision of VB) successfull. As you mentioned that we need to continue this fight even if one has recieved there green card. For those who got, need to remember the pain they went through and that of other's who are going through it now! This blackbox of Employment based Green Card process needs to be more fit towards the high-tech century when everything else is.

    Once again congratulations! and good luck in your future endeavors

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  • unitednations
    08-24 09:28 PM
    Maybe we are getting off the topic.

    USCIS is giving a hard time for h-1b's.

    If vemont service center:

    ensure LCA is for client location and company location.

    ensure that you can get a legitimate letter/contract from place you are actually working. ensure letter/contract says that the terms (duration) is extendable (under the law; uscis only has to approve the h-1b until the PO finishes if it is less then three years).

    For companies: Cancel h-1b for people who have left. Cancel h-1b's for people who have not joined (uscis in their rfe's are frequently quoting number of h-1b's filed and comparing to current head count).

    for california service center:

    companies need to analyze their DE-6 and look to see who hasn't been paid the lca wage for all four quarters. Give proper/proactive explanations for people where it is not obvious why they weren't paid proper lca wage.

    get legitimate client letter/purchase order from end client. Ensure that when filing H-1b; the LCA covers the client location. USCIS will generally not accept a new LCA covering the location after the h-1b has been filed.

    Ensure the numbrer of active h-1b's is close to your headcount. If people haven't joined or aren't going to join; cancel h-1b's immediately.

    For consulate: do not ever give fake purchase order/client letter. Consulates are very smart that they know major companies do not give such letters. They are frequently referring cases to department of state in kentucky to contact clients who wrote the letters. If client doesn't confrm (ie., HR at client company) then it is a very, very big problem for all people concerned.

    For extensions; file as early as possible so you don't have issues with your drivers license, etc.

    USCIS relies on a lot of case precdece to deny cases. many times they are misapplying these cases and going outside the law what is really required. In motion to reopens; california is very quick in givingin another decision. However; vermont sits on it for many, many months and they very rarely change their decisions.

    When changing client locations then as a minimum get a new LCA but if you really want to cover yourself then consider amending h-1b for new location.


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  • sanhari
    10-18 04:26 PM
    Can you all please try to contact USCIS/DOS/local congressman/woman with your request
    for EB Spillover visa usage based on the oldest Priority date? If you have already done it please do it again, if not, please do it. Let us try our best to see something can favor us to see our green card atleast this year.

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  • aroranuj
    03-02 03:48 PM
    ^^^BUMP^^^ Guys please continue contributing...


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  • sam_gada
    07-11 02:52 PM
    Hi Friends, I came to know about this protest and would like to pass on the information about the protest to Indian Student Assocaition [strength over 600 active members] at San Jose state University and possible Santa Clara University. I am sure my fellow students will be proud to contribute to the indian community. So, Kindly let me know more details ASAP becuase its already wednesday. My email is

    - Sampath Gadamsetty

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  • akhilmahajan
    02-10 04:43 PM
    Thanks a lot AK_GC.

    Grand Total - $1260

    Come on folks lets help IV, to get things done for US.

    IV is I/WE.

    Unique Transaction ID #0LL24091H0267991J


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  • redsox2009
    11-17 04:09 PM
    If Dream act becomes law, I will throw my visa documents and register my self as undocumented alien with undocumented birth certificate and get degree from a community college and get the visa.:D

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  • nc14
    08-18 03:00 PM
    I just got red :)


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  • snathan
    02-10 12:10 PM
    Snaju has donated $100 but she is yet to add.

    So its $1044

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  • nc14
    09-11 11:50 AM
    Well said and I think the community cannot just always get, they have to learn to GIVE back (for their own cause) in this case.

    It is atrocious to see people demanding action when their own contribution is ZERO (infact negative by wasting the precious bandwidth and creating divisions)

    I am seeing lot of heat and frustration out here and it is understandable to whole extent. First of all, I am a DC/MD/VA state chapter member and working towards achieving goals of getting GC in one year. Sounds funny right!!!! But it is true. We are working at grass roots with the National Leadership of IV to get things going at individual constituency level. I just posted this on another thread on IV. You might be knowing that DC Metro area should be having thousands of professionals making good money and stuck in this mess!!! Thousands!!! Do you know how many active members we have for this chapter!!! around 160!!!! Do you know how many turn up for weekly chapter meeting!!! 15!!!! But we are fortunate two have these 15 people who are putting their time and effort to talk to lawmakers.... These people also donate money. By the way these people are mix of EB 2 and EB 3. Do not try to create this division of EB2 and EB3. Some of the people running this IV have their green card but they are still putting in their time for you guys to lobby....It just takes 25$ each month to become donor but people don't want to do that. Don't think that IV will show you proof of concept for you to start donating. If you cannot volunteer, just keep quiet and wait for next VB. I also know that people cannot make to state chapter meeting because of commitments, distance etc. Understandable but have they asked state chapter via email what all they can do in their constituency to sort this out......Join State Chapter and see what all IV is doing...You guys have no idea what all is going on behind....If you think you can least start donating and more important....start volunteering with your state chapter....If thousands of us start screaming to our lawmakers will not need money to lobby anymore.....


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  • abq_gc
    08-29 11:18 AM
    Totally agree with you. Its so unfair for people who are waiting for a loooooog time. And suddenly find themselves as being left out.

    We came to know only few of the once who have posted in other forums that they got GC with PD as fresh as Jan2007, and they posted it in the forum because they were afraid if their GCs would ever be reverted....
    So, I think there are probably a lot more out there who might have got the GC and are keeping it quite, so that they don't stir up the folks who are waiting so patiently (which of course is weaning thin by the day!!).

    Totally unfair, unjustified.

    Maybe we should..........

    1) Send letters to USCIS, highlighting the plight of those waiting patiently and folks who joined recently got the GC. Send anonymous letters if you fear of being put under the scanner.

    2) All the IT folks who are here in the US are probably in the higher 10% bracket. Maybe we all should collectively hire a lobby group in Washington. That's the only solution, it works well.

    Thats all I can think of right now....

    Yup, there are a lot more with PD's in 2006 who got their GC then what's evident in the forums. Most of them have like 3 posts on the forum, and Lo and behold.. the only time they wanna post something it's the news about their GC approval.... STINKS!!

    Sending Letters and Lobbying is a good idea.. I support anything which will draw media attention to this scam.... just want USCIS to be exposed.. maybe even lure an honest journalist ( TIMES Magazine or Fortune ) to do an editorial about the wrong policies of USCIS.
    I would say that they will be interested, as they love exposing Govt agencies in general.

    To all you folks against the lawsuit, how does this idea sound ?

    If anyone has a better idea, I am willing to listen.

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  • newuser
    05-23 07:37 AM
    I am about to e-mail to the Senators based on the new letter.

    Folks, but I have a simple question. Is the following provision addressed by IV when contacting the Senators or not ?

    Placement of employees at client site(Consulting business practices): Under the proposed bill one cannot place H1B employees at another employer�s site (common in consulting business) whether you are H1B-dependent-employer or not. Today, the law places that restriction only on H1B-dependent-employers. This proposed law applies that restriction of outplacement on all employers across the board.

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  • khukubindu
    05-05 06:20 PM
    Thanks reddymjm for your quick reply. How long would it be current , do you think ?

    What should I do from my side if it the date is correct ?

    Should I call USCIS.

    05-29 08:01 PM
    Great. Thanks.

    sent the emails to senator/s

    05-02 10:42 AM
    The Brownback and Bingaman amendments need to be incorporated into this bill.


    Compete America Praises Introduction of Cornyn Legislation to Reform H-1B and Green Card Systems

    'SKIL Bill' Would Relieve Crisis Facing U.S. Employers of Highly Educated Foreign Nationals

    Washington D.C. - Compete America today praised the introduction of the "SKIL Bill" by Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) to reform both the H-1B visa and employment based (EB visa) green card processes. The legislation is cosponsored by Senators Allard (R-CO), Allen (R-VA), Bennett (R-UT), Enzi (R-WY), and Lott (R-MS).

    The SKIL Bill is the latest indicator that both the United States Senate and the Bush Administration are prepared to fix the visa system for highly educated foreign nationals. In addition to the SKIL Bill, Compete America has endorsed measures contained the Senate's comprehensive immigration legislation addressing H-1B and EB visa issues; and has also endorsed President Bush's call to ensure access to talent as part of the Administration's American Competitiveness Initiative.

    "Senator Cornyn clearly understands the contribution highly-educated foreign nationals make to the U.S. economy and to Texas," said Texas Instruments CEO and President Richard K. Templeton. "The Senator's bill reaffirms America's proud tradition of welcoming top talent to this country. The reality is that most scientists and engineers with advanced degrees from U.S. universities are foreign born. The competition for talent is truly global. If the U.S. wants to win, we absolutely must encourage these advanced degree holders to stay here and get their green cards - not send them home to compete against us. The 'SKIL' bill really advances that goal."

    Both the H-1B and EB visa/green card programs have been responsible for bringing much needed foreign talent to live and work in the United States, and most importantly, to make significant contributions to the U.S. economy and global competitiveness. However, H-1B shortages have been well documented, and backlogs in the green card system are getting worse, forcing thousands of valued foreign-born professionals - including researchers, scientists, teachers and engineers - into legal and professional limbo for seven years or more.

    Among the provisions of the SKIL Bill (Securing Knowledge Innovation and Leadership) endorsed by Compete America are the following:

    Exemptions for U.S. educated foreign workers with advanced degrees in math, science, technology and engineering fields from the H-1B and EB quotas so their talent can be retained in the United States.

    Creation of a flexible, market-based H-1B cap so that U.S. employers are not locked out of hiring critical talent.

    Extension of foreign students' post curricular optional practical training from 12 months to 24 months to allow them to go more easily from student to green card.

    Exemptions for EB/green card immigrant spouses and children from the annual cap, thus making more visas available for the professionals we need.
    The SKIL Bill contains many of the provisions for reform of the H-1B visa and EB/green card systems that are present in the two versions of comprehensive immigration reform introduced by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA).

    "The Senate is ready to address the problem facing U.S. employers of highly educated foreign nationals," said Sandra Boyd, National Association of Manufacturers Human Resources Policy Vice President and Compete America Chair. "It is incomprehensible that Congress would address broad immigration reform without fixing the system that brings legal, highly educated workers to the U.S. We are grateful to Senator Cornyn and the other cosponsors of the SKIL bill as well as those who have supported the inclusion of similar provisions in comprehensive immigration reform."

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